Order Guide

Advice on ordering your cake.

Particularly when ordering wedding cakes but also with other orders, it is not usually necessary to cater for every guest.

At most events the cake ends up being displayed on the buffet table in the evening. I generally advise that after a period to allow the guests to see the cake, then get it cut up and added to the buffet for guests to help themselves. Most people agree that the idea of giving each guest a slice of cake is a bit dated and often very wasteful.

As the buffet usually already caters for desserts for everyone the cake is really an extra so most people only need to cater for half to three quarters of the guests. If you feel you want more or the cake is the only desert then usually the best plan is to make up the quantity with cutting cakes. These are usually 12” sponges (60 portions) which are covered with icing but undecorated. They are not to be displayed but cut up in the kitchen and then added to the serving plates. A 12” is £30.

A typical 3 tier sponge wedding cake serves approx 80 portions and costs around £300 depending on style. My portion sizes are based on pieces being approx 1.5”x1.5”. In the case of Asian weddings the amount of food available on the day is often considerable and then the cake portion is often much smaller as it is more of a token.

I do appointments, usually on Saturday mornings, when I can show you tin sizes, ribbon colours, flowers etc. which can help you visualise your cake. In the short term if you want to get a price on a cake that you have seen on the web site or the facebook page just fill in the quote page on the web site and I can get back to you with a price for that particular one.

I hope this information helps with your order.